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The One That Got Away

Phil had caught a large snapper and in his excitement to cut the fish’s throat, slashed a foot-long tear in a pontoon. He could do nothing but shout ‘Start the motor’ and drive like hell for the shore!

Boat versus Truck

Bob was towing his boat when it slipped from the trailer, only to be immediately run over by a following truck. Major surgery was needed on that one!

Mind the Post

A shame-faced customer admitted that the huge gash in the bow of his dinghy was the result of driving into a navigation light post when looking over his shoulder underway!

Beachmaster Wheels

Detachable wheels for your inflatable dingy come in a range of sizes and styles. These are all available for delivery throughout New Zealand.

We are delighted to stock Beachmaster Wheels because we believe they are the best dinghy dolly wheels on the market and even more so because they are locally made here in Whangarei.

We offer a full fitting service, including pick-up and delivery if required.

Inflatable Boat Repair Kits

We always prefer to do repair work ourselves, but we know there are times when we can’t fix your boat for you – perhaps you’re too far away from us, sailing offshore, gone fishing, or just want to be prepared. For these times, we’ve created our own range of Northland Inflatables Repair Kits. Here you’ll find everything you need to make inflatable boat repairs yourself.

Kits are available on request. Email us for more information.

Bluewater Cruising Kit

Fix It at Home Kit

Emergency Fix Kit

“Retubing” – Replacement Inflatable Boat Tubes

We can completely rebuild the pontoons on your inflatable boat. Retubing can turn a tired and worn looking RIB into a brand new boat. We literally take the old tubes off and install brand new ones. Replacing tubes gives you 10 or more years of life on your boat. It’s also a great opportunity to reposition grab lines, tow points, handles and seats, and add anything else you want to make your boat perform better than ever.

Inflatable Boat Servicing

Inflatable Dinghy Birthdays:

Give your boat a birthday with our full maintenance service, including renovation of worn pontoons, repair sun damage, clean and apply UV protectant and polish.


New Inflatable Boat Fittings

We can add any new fitting you require. Here’s a selection of what’s on offer:

  • handles
  • lifting points
  • seat holders
  • bow roller
  • belting
  • keel strip
  • dolly wheels
  • towing bridle
  • rowlocks
  • grab lines
  • rod holders

and more….

Inflatable Boat Sales

We stock Aakron and Southern Pacific inflatable boats and can supply most other brands on request. Our showroom is always stocked with popular models and we can get in any order within 48 hours.

We aim to be sure you are confident with your new boat before you leave our shop. We’ll take time with you to help you become familiar with the boat because we want you to get maximum pleasure and a long life out of your new purchase.

View our Trade Me listings.

Inflatable Boat Spares & Parts