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Anecdotes from our Customers

There are as many stories told to us as there are days in the year, but here’s some of the best:
Have you got any funny experiences or photos to share? Contact us if you’d like your story included here...

Foot Pump on Full Time

A commercial operator called us one day. “Tim, the workboat’s got a problem.” Tim’s first question was how long does it take for the boat to deflate. “Well, put it like this … I have to use it with my foot permanently on the pump. It’s hard work! What can you do?” Tim brought the boat up over the sea wall the very next morning and by the end of the day the weary boat driver could put the foot pump away and get on with the job.

Maxxon: Built Tough

A customer was towing his brand new Maxxon 3.1m fibreglass RIB along SH1 when it became detached from the trailer, flipped upside down and was dragged along the tarmac for 100m while the driver slowed to a stop. Despite serious scuffing, the pontoons survived with minimal damage and, after a couple of hours in our workshop, the happy boatie was back on the water in a RIB looking (almost) good as new.

Near Miss at the Graveyard

In his newly retubed 5m RIB, Roger was out fishing at the Graveyard in Kaipara Harbour when he caught a good sized shark. As he turned to pick up a knife and cut the shark off the line, his mate decided to wrestle it by the tail. What did the shark do? Turned around and bit the boat! Lucky the RIB is built with 5 separate chambers, so Roger and his crew made it back to shore safely, but a little ‘deflated’.

Cold Samaritan

A well-known identity from south of the city was helping out a fellow boatie whose anchor had become wedged under a rock. After a heave and a tug, the anchor broke free, flew out of the water and tore a good-sized hole in the bow of the good Samaritan’s dinghy.  In shock, he reeled away from the flying anchor and in doing so capsized the dinghy! Result: one wet and cold Samaritan and one dinghy in our workshop for major surgery.

The One That Got Away

Phil had caught a large snapper and in his excitement to cut the fish’s throat, slashed a foot-long tear in a pontoon. He could do nothing but shout ‘Start the motor’ and drive like hell for the shore!

Boat versus Truck

Bob was towing his boat when it slipped from the trailer, only to be immediately run over by a following truck. Major surgery was needed on that one!

Mind the Post

A shame-faced customer admitted that the huge gash in the bow of his dinghy was the result of driving into a navigation light post when looking over his shoulder underway!