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Inflatable Boat Repairs

We are your local specialist for inflatable boat repairs, serving Whangarei and wider Northland. Here’s some of the problems you might encounter and what we can do to fix them:


Often caused by fish spines – snapper are the worst offenders! Minor punctures might seem easy to repair, but we recommend you bring your boat in to us for even the smallest patch. We use industrial grade, two part adhesives and only the best quality PVC or hypalon fabric for our repairs. We also control the heat and humidity to ensure good adhesion.

Split Seams

A seam can give way when a boat is over-inflated. As the day heats up, air inside the pontoons will expand. Always start the day with a fairly soft boat and you’ll avoid this problem. If this advice comes just too late to help you – bring your boat in and we’ll put it right.

Loose Fittings

Some glue used in the manufacture of dinghies in the past has not stood the test of time. One of our most common repair jobs is to reattach handles and other fittings that have worked off the pontoons. It’s usually an easy job and many customers use the opportunity to have them refastened in more convenient positions and to add new fittings at the same time.

UV Degradation

We know our Kiwi sun damages our skin and over time it also depletes the fabric used to make inflatable boats. We can resolve this with a spray on product that fixes the porosity in fabric damaged by UV rays.

Loose Transom

Carrying a heavy outboard, and general wear and tear can loosen the transom board away from the pontoons. This can be a complex repair, but it’s worthwhile on any boat with more than a couple of years’ life left in it.

Leaking Floor

Leaks in air floors are easily fixed, but sometimes it’s wet feet that are the problem and we can resolve that too.

The Great Mystery

Occasionally we can spend days searching for a leak. But we’re nothing if not persistent and because of that we guarantee your boat won’t leak when you take it home – or we’ll fix it again for free. We like to keep the boat for 24 hours after we have repaired it just to be sure there are no further leaks.

Retubing Service for PVC and Hypalon Inflatable Boats

“Retubing” – Replacement Inflatable Boat Tubes

We can completely rebuild the pontoons on your inflatable boat. Retubing can turn a tired and worn looking RIB into a brand new boat. We literally take the old tubes off and install brand new ones. Replacing tubes gives you 10 or more years of life on your boat. It’s also a great opportunity to reposition grab lines, tow points, handles and seats, and add anything else you want to make your boat perform better than ever.

Inflatable Boat Servicing

Inflatable Dinghy Birthdays:

Give your boat a birthday with our full maintenance service, including renovation of worn pontoons, repair sun damage, clean and apply UV protectant and polish.


New Inflatable Boat Fittings

We can add any new fitting you require. Here’s a selection of what’s on offer:

  • handles
  • lifting points
  • seat holders
  • bow roller
  • belting
  • keel strip
  • dolly wheels
  • towing bridle
  • rowlocks
  • grab lines
  • rod holders

and more….

Stand Up Paddleboard Repairs









Don’t despair when your paddleboard splits a seam, or you break the fin box. We are experienced in all types of Stand Up Paddleboard repairs.

SUPs need high pressure to operate correctly. Running a board underinflated can be dangerous. But the high pressure also puts demand on the board, and makes repairs more difficult than in other inflatable craft.

We’re happy to inspect your board and quote for repair. Sometimes what appears to be a write off may well be repairable. On the other hand, if it’s a case of throwing good money after bad, as with all our inspections, we will not attempt to repair anything that doesn’t represent best value for your money.


Location isn’t an issue. Simply roll up your board, wrap and despatch to us via courier. On receipt we’ll invoice you for the cost of inspection and one small repair. Once we’ve received your payment we’ll check out the board. If further work is needed we’ll call you to discuss before proceeding.

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